Osage Exchange

Osage Exchange is the trusted authority on 1031 UPREIT programs.

Many public and private NAV REITs have the opportunity to expand their capital raising – and potentially access new distribution channels – by adding a 1031 program to their suite of offerings. But the design, implementation and administration of such a program requires specialized knowledge, a deep understanding of the process and requirements, and a disciplined approach to manage the ongoing operations and reporting.

That’s where Osage comes in. Our founders helped innovate, develop and build what has become known as the 1031 UPREIT structure which has since gained broad acceptance in the syndicated 1031 exchange marketplace.

We’ve opened the door for real estate sponsors – ranging from middle market firms to fortune 500 companies – to offer their clients a unique 1031 exchange solution and enjoy the benefits of this growing distribution channel.

Learn how Osage can help sponsors launch and administer their own 1031 UPREIT programs.

Opening the Door to Additional Capital and Distribution Opportunities

Many sponsors ignore the significant capital raising opportunity that lies in the middle — retail and high-net worth investors accessed through independent broker-dealers, registered investment advisors and wirehouses.

Osage specializes in designing, implementing and managing investment products to capture capital in these channels.